Plug Moon Lamp

A Celestial Gift: Personalized Plug-In Moon Lamp


Product Overview

Introducing the Plug-In Moon Lamp—a fusion of art and technology crafted to enhance your living spaces. This 3D LED moon lamp captures the mystique of the lunar surface and brings it into your home with a warm, gentle glow. Ideal for setting a peaceful ambiance, our moon lamp seamlessly combines functionality with celestial inspiration.


Design and Features

Each plug-in moon lamp is designed to match the moon’s terrain with high accuracy. Using advanced 3D printing technology, the lamp’s surface is detailed with craters and ridges, echoing the moon’s familiar topography.

Plug-In Convenience

Forget about batteries or recharging. Our moon lamp is designed to plug directly into your wall socket, providing continuous, hassle-free lighting.

Soft, Ambient Lighting

The LED moon lamp offers a soft glow that can transform any room into a tranquil space. It’s perfect for relaxing after a long day, meditating, or simply as a beautiful nightlight in a child’s bedroom. The glow is gentle on the eyes yet bright enough to serve as a subtle light source.

Customization Options

Make your 3D LED moon lamp unique by customizing it to your preference. Choose from various sizes and light settings to match the mood you wish to create.

Durability and Safety

Built to last, the LED moon lamp is constructed with durable materials that are both beautiful and functional. The LED light is energy-efficient and remains cool to the touch, making it safe for long periods of use in any setting.

Perfect Gift Idea

Searching for a unique gift? Our 3D LED moon lamp makes an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the night sky. It’s ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, or just because. The moon lamp is a thoughtful and impressive gift that will be cherished by anyone who receives it.

Product Specifications

  • Material: High-quality PLA

  • Light: Energy-efficient LED

  • Power: Direct plug-in to the wall socket

Why Choose Our Plug-In Moon Lamp?

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enjoy the unique beauty of a celestial body right in your room. The detailed 3D printing mimics the moon’s surface, making it a unique aesthetic decor piece.

  • Continuous Lighting: With the plug-in feature, there’s no need to worry about batteries or charging. Enjoy the moonlight any time you desire without any hassle.

  • Customizable and Versatile: Adapt the lamp’s lighting to suit your mood or environment, making it perfect for any space or occasion.

How to Customize Your Order

Customizing your gift is easy at Mitrayaa! After placing your order, simply share your Order ID along with 3-4 high-quality photos for the product. You can send these details via WhatsApp at +91 75670 10572 or by email at orders@mitrayaa.com. Our team will select the best quality photo from those you provide and create a preview of the final product. We’ll share this preview with you to ensure everything looks perfect before finalizing your customized gift. Get started today and personalize a unique gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind!